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      Zinc alloy die casting process need to pay attention to what issues?

         Zinc alloy die castingIs a kind of pressure casting parts, is to use the installed pressure casting mold casting machine die casting machine, the heat of liquid zinc or zinc alloy is poured into the die casting machine into the mouth, the die casting machine die casting, casting the shape and dimensions of the mould limit parts of zinc or zinc alloy parts, such parts are often calledZinc alloy die castingA.
        Zinc alloy die castingClass of product features are:
        1, than major, have qualitative feeling more weight, than the strength of plastic injection molding.
        2, casting performance is good, can die casting precision of complicated shape and thin wall parts, casting a smooth surface.
        3, for surface treatment: electroplating, spray, spray paint.
        4, melting and casting without iron absorption, no corrosion pressed, non-stick mold.
        5, have a good room temperature mechanical properties and wear resistance.
        6, low melting point, melts at 385 ℃, more easily than aluminum alloy die-casting molding.
        Zinc alloy die castingThe problem must notice during the process of:   
        1, poor corrosion resistance.When the impurity elements in the alloy composition of lead, cadmium, tin, exceed standard, cause a deformation of the casting and aging, characterized by swelling volume, a significant reduction in the mechanical properties especially the plastic, after a long time and even rupture.
      Lead, tin, cadmium in zinc alloy solubility is small, and focused on the grain boundary as cathode, rich aluminum solid solution as the anode, in the presence of water vapor (electrolyte), led to intercrystalline corrosion electrochemical.Die casting due to intergranular corrosion and ageing.  
        2, aging effects
      The organization of the zinc alloy is mainly composed of zinc-rich solid solution containing Al and Cu and rich Al solid solution containing zinc, their solubility with temperature down.But as a result of die casting solidification speed, thus to room temperature, the solubility of solid solution is greatly saturated.After a certain period of time, this kind of phenomenon of supersaturated gradually lifted, and make the casting to slightly changing the shape and size.   
        3,Zinc alloy die castingShould not be in the high temperature and low temperature (below 0 ℃) under the working conditions of use.Zinc alloy has good mechanical properties at room temperature.But the tensile strength at high temperature and low temperature impact properties are down significantly.