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      Laser processing equipment should have the protective measures?

      With the development of processing technology,Laser processing believe everyone is familiar with, becauseWe consider the problem of when use the operating are not comprehensive, so in order to better protect the safety of a series of problems, we should better understand some protective measures of laser processing equipment.

      1 should be reliable grounding, laser processing equipment, electrical system cover all maintenance doors should be equipped with interlocks, electrical enclosure should be set up corresponding measures and make the internal of capacitor group before they entered the maintenance door discharge.

      2, laser processing equipment should have a variety of security measures, in the laser processing equipment release roommates obvious danger warning signs and signals, such as "laser" with the words "high risk" and so on.

      3, state of the laser processing system should be fully closed as much as possible, such as the laser transmission in the metal tube, in order to prevent direct illuminate causes damage to human body.

      4, laser processing equipment of the workbench glass device such as a protective shield, should be adopted to prevent laser reflection.

      5, if the state of the laser processing system can't be closed, the light path should be in higher position, make the light beam to avoid people head, in the process of passing through the laser from the height of the people above.

      All these, let us to know the use of mechanical equipment is very need attaches great importance to the safe and proper use of equipment.